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One to One Spanish Language Course

One-to-One Intensive Spanish Lessons - Private Spanish courses - Individual Spanish trainingIn the One to One Spanish course we offer you a personalized course program. It is based on an analysis of your needs and will give you the chance to quickly improve your language skills, as the teacher and you can focus on your difficulties as well as on your own personal objectives. Spanish One-to-one Intensive Lessons offer a personalised learning experience that will help you speak better Spanish quickly.

For the beginners this course is a good way to learn basic skills quickly, before joining a group course. One-to-one lessons are also helpful if you need to practice Spanish language skills in a specific area.



The course is suitable for all levels of Spanish and can be added to any course offered at our school. One of the outstanding advantages of the one to one Spanish course is that the content can be negotiated between you and the teacher. This offers you the opportunity to discuss subjects you like and to work on areas which interest you particularly or which cause insecurities in speaking Spanish.

money saver Spanishcourses - Save Money on your Spanish CoursesWith this personal intensive training you will improve your conversation skills, your fluency, your pronunciation as well as your writing skills. We do not require anything from you except the desire to open up to new ways of communication in the Spanish language.


We help you not only to build strong, practical skills for confident communication in General Spanish but also in Spanish for special needs, as for example:

  • Spanish for Lawyers
  • Spanish for Business
  • Spanish for Presentations
  • Spanish for Airline Crew
  • and more

accreditations One-to-One Intensive Spanish Lessons - Private Spanish courses - Individual Spanish trainingOur teachers are experienced and dedicated and will introduce the Spanish language as well as the Spanish and especially the Andalusian culture to you. The program will be perfect for you, as tailor-made and developed by you and your Spanish teacher working together closely in order to identify your needs. 

One-to-one Spanish lessons let you work on your language needs, and will help you to use Spanish confidently and effectively. You can achieve your aims quickly, and previous students who have taken Spanish private lessons have been pleased with their fast progress. You can take any number of one-to-one lessons, from 10 to 40 lessons each week. You can add one-to-one lessons to a group course, or take only private lessons. We will ask you about your individual language learning needs when you start the course. Previous One to One Spanish Courses have covered very different subjects, such as job interview preparation, giving presentations, speaking and listening practice, and pronunciation. You tell us what you want to study and we will plan the Spanish lessons for you.



The timetable, course length and starting vary according to your preferences and requirements and will be made by arrangement. 


Arranged to suit your needs, Monday to Saturday


10 – 40 hours per week

Start dates

Any date

Course length

1 – 8 weeks

Maximum class size



Beginners to Advanced

Minimum age

18 years


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