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Individual One-to-One Spanish Course for Lawyers


Spanish for legal lawyers, Spanish for Law course covers many different types of law, for example, commercial law, family law, criminal law, intellectual propertylaw, medialaw, to name but a few

This Special Spanish One-to-One Course for Lawyers is advised by the Oficial Association of Economists of Malaga and the Official Association of Lawyers of Malaga.
A Spanish course designed for Lawyers or Law students providing the technical terms and phrases and helping increase the confidence using it. Lawyers use special language and it is necessary that a language course will enable them to use this language professionally and without any insecurities.

Our trainers are specialist Spanish language teachers with double degree: Law and teaching Spanish as a second language. They are experts in Spanish law. This will provide an authentic expert knowledge. During the classes you will work out real situations and problems. Therefore, it is a course that combines one-to-one classes of  legal Spanish regulation and Spanish language so that students can cope better in a professional and everyday life. The course content is based on the specific linguistic and professional  needs of the student. Students will be encouraged to read and understand different types of legal texts, learn how to negotiate with customers, write letters and documents, using correct grammar, understand dialogues and oral interviews. After this one-to-one course students will be able to properly express themselves through discussions, case studies and oral presentations.



General topics include:

  • Righs and freedoms
  • The trial
  • Legislation and enforcement.
  • Criminal law in Spain
  • Procedural vocabulary
  • Punishment. Liability.
  • Civil and commercial law.
  • Tax system. Treasury.
  • Transactions and economic operations

Spanish special course for lawyers and students of Law, Spanish Immersion Programs offered by AlhambraThis course gives the practitioner a basic understanding of the legal framework that their Spanish speaking clients come from. We work in the law field or in those areas which require a special command of legal vocabulary.This special course develops your skills in Spanish and improves law related vocabulary by means of specific and interactive activities which improve oral and written communication in the law field.This program is designed for lawyers or Law students who need to use Spanish as a communicative tool, and simultaneously offers a better understanding of Spaniards, and Latin American people. Communicating in Spanish, even at a basic level, improves the service offered to Spanish and Latin-American clients.

Alhambra Instituto is recognised and / or accredited by national and internationals Institutions


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