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Spanish Combi Course: 20/30 hours in a group and 5 hours One-to-One tuition

Alhambra Tailor-made Language Training's high quality language trainers run Business Spanish Courses in groups and Private Spanish LessonsThis a combination course of lessons in a group and a private one-to-one tuition. You can choose between 20 hours weekly or 30 hours weekly of group lessons and aftyer the classes have a individual one-to-one classes.

So, there are only two options for this type of course:

- 20 weekly Group lessons + 5 lessons of Individual tuition

- 30 weekly Group lessons + 5 lessons of Individual tuition

With 5 private lessons daily, this course maximizes the benefits of group work and individual instruction. In the private lesson your teacher can concentrate on aspects of language relevant to your particular needs, such as extra conversational practice, specific vocabulary or business studies. Length of the course is from 1 to 24 weeks.

During the private tuition you will receive a personalized attention from the teacher. Students are encouraged to provide their own leaning materials to make the course more relevant to their own needs. For example, if you are working in an insurance company and need Spanish for you work, you can bring to the class the contracts you make with your clients and during the classes you could work out these contracts. If you work consists in answering the telephone calls, in the class you can work out type of conversations over the telephone. In other words, although school provides students with its own studying materials, students are encouraged to bring or create their own materials.

Combi Spanish Course: Group + Individual lessons high quality language trainers run Business Spanish Courses in groups and Private Spanish Lessons20 hours per week intensive Spanish course is our standard course in a group. You will have 4 hours daily of lessons from 9am to 13pm and one hour of individual tuition.If you are very ambitious in Spanish language learning probably you would like to take the intensive 6 hours per day group course (30 housr per week). With the additional one-to-one lesson you will strengthen your speaking abilties, widen your vocabulary or learn specific terminology. For one-to-one tuition please inform us about your needs and we will be pleased to design a Spanish language course for you.   Please inform us about your exact job or exam you need to carry out in Spanish and any problems associated with these tasks.  Please also let us know whether your work situation is formal or informal.

These courses are perfect for those who want an intensive and total Spanish immersion program for learning Spanish quickly. The program is an ideal combination of group lessons and private tuition.

This course will enable you to significantly improve your Spanish, whether you are an absolute beginner or an advanced student. This course covers aspects of listening, speaking and writing, using various teaching techniques, including textbook study, listening comprehensions, pronunciation practice and lessons in the key structures of the Spanish language.

Alhambra Instituto is recognised or accredited by national and international Institutions


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